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For Pitch ICE 2022

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Thank you for visiting this canvassing site, it is essential that you cast a vote to get us through to the next stage.  The vote is appreciated as this is such a great opportunity it would be a shame to miss out on letting this prototype develop to the next stage, be given finesse and be a lucrative option for investors.

The pitch is for an app available on phones and other platforms such as VR or Windows 11.  The app is essentially built around a core of gamification of menus within games, so people can easily signpost to their favourite or chosen games, with as many games as a provider wants to provide, laid out however they choose.

Even the sentence above makes things sound confusing, this is why I am doing regular Twitch streams at giving me the time to explain the project to you not just in written word, using Twitch streams helps to get the point across.

Headset with focused cable and sound card


By creating compatibility with Virtual Reality gaming headsets, we are prepared for further trends and working with regular devices such as mobile phones and home computers, we cater for the most popular devices today. 

Headset with focused cable and sound card


We designed this project to be like the local pub, but we aren't avert to tactics such as offering a person a steaming cup of coffee, to keep them in the same place for a long time. This is the joy of using tried and tested practices of the real world within the virtual world.


Project updates can be accessed by clicking the ‘Summary’ title above. The prototype we built shows a menu resent action and game selection format, rarely, if ever, seen in the gaming industry to date.

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We use Unity to bring our ideas to life.  It is a game engine (this mean you can make computer games in it) that is known by and used by industry professionals to make things happen!

This is the reason we use Unity (or Unreal if we see fit).

Design Document
The Design Document is not quite ready yet.  It will be developed on livestream, so as to explain the points as we go along. Daily streams will be starting imminently.
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Contact us via email, or what would be most advantageous is for you to join the Twitch community @


Prototype Product Launch and Awareness Raising




This project was built during a game development boot camp called Next Gen Futures ( While the teaching aspects of the course have finished, networking and pursuing interests was heavily promoted, hence the original idea of building a computer game was expanded upon, so games could be hosted within a gaming environment, games within games.



A new fully working prototype, that works on the Android store is currently in development, the intention is to launch at ICE, so delegates can experience the product on their own devices or other available consoles.



Once investors have chosen to back the project and it is clear what direction we all want things to progress towards, developers will be sourced for short freelance roles, everything we want can be implemented into the project, we can do a test build and get people to test it. We can tweak the project, release it on the App Store and raise awareness of the launch to acquire customers.