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Press release

Martin Coombe, 38, Bristol. 

07477943730 ΒΆ

Local lad who built his own metaverse prototype pitching for investors. 

Martin Coombe, 38 recently studied for a Masters degree with Merit in Sound Design for Games and Apps at dbs Music in Bristol. 

Martin thinks:

"Bristol has always been a place dear to my heart, it is full of such amazing people and places, with welcoming attitudes far and wide. I was lucky enough to study, then further develop on the Next Gen Futures bootcamp, with generous support from local businesses such as Opposable Games and help from the Bristol Games Hub. The hub is a collective of games developers and they welcome anyone interested in finding out more about games."

A favour is being asked of you. Martin needs votes to progress through to the next round of a pitching competition, similar to the format of Dragons Den, although 46 people who entered the contest will be whittled down to 13 contenders. 

The final 13 will pitch live at Pitch ICE 2022 at ExCeL Centre in London  on April 12th 2022. 

The pitch is for a computer game and gaming innovative menu and minigame selection system called 'The Local', with the possibilities for multiplayer interaction within the selection environment. The concept is for a user to click the icon and straight away be able to easily navigate to whatever games they want to play, or visit different experiences within the game. 

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